Hibon Has the Bare Shaft Positive Displacement Blowers You Need

For over 100 years, Hibon blowers have been trusted by all sorts of industries and commercial enterprises. Hibon blowers are known for pioneering new designs when new needs arise, producing blowers with the highest quality and innovative new solutions. Bare shaft positive displacement blowers can be used in a wide range of applications, but they all move air or gas at various pressures. Here at Pat’s Pump & Blower, we can help you determine which of the various Hibon blowers best meets your needs and budget and help you incorporate these components into your personalized product solution.

When you think of bare shaft positive displacement blowers, you probably think of air or inert gas being moved, but these blowers can be utilized to transport a variety of other materials too, including:

  • Dry bulk items: The right blower can help you transfer dry bulk items as needed, like flour, pellets and animal food.
  • Wet, liquid material: Keep your wet and liquid materials flowing freely as needed.
  • Semi-solid waste: Semi-solid waste can present a unique challenge to move around your facility, but you can be sure that there is a Hibon blower that can handle the job with ease.

Most of these bare shaft positive displacement blowers rely on rotary lobe technology and some options are oil-splash lubricated or forced-feed lubricated. Some can operate continuously for up to two years without needing lubrication. Due to their smaller size, many can easily be mounted on a truck to increase versatility and usefulness. Trust Hibon blowers to expertly handle your needs.