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We tailor solutions to enhance the conveying process.

Pneumatic Conveying

At Pat’s Pump & Blower, we provide pneumatic conveying solutions, crucial for transporting bulk materials in various industries. Pneumatic conveying is a sophisticated process that involves moving materials through pipelines using compressed air. This technology is extensively used for tasks like bulk unloading from trucks or trains and in silo fluidization, allowing materials to behave like fluids for easier handling.

We have two main pneumatic conveying systems: pressure and vacuum. Pressure conveying, also known as positive conveying, utilizes compressed air to push materials through pipelines, making it suitable for transporting materials like cement over longer distances. This method is integral in operations where the quick and efficient transfer of materials from storage areas like silos to processing units is required.

Vacuum or negative conveying contrasts by using suction to move materials. In this system, the compressor or blower is placed at the endpoint, creating a vacuum to draw materials through the pipeline. This method is particularly beneficial when the material needs to be protected from contamination, as there is no contact between the material and compressed air. Additionally, vacuum conveying prevents exposure to the heat generated during air compression, making it ideal for temperature-sensitive materials, albeit over shorter distances.

We understand the different phases of pneumatic conveying – dilute, dense, and transient – as each phase affects how materials move through the piping network. We can determine the most efficient phase for conveying different materials and ensure the optimization of the conveying process. We also offer maintenance and repair services for pneumatic conveying systems. Our team’s deep understanding of the nuances of various materials being conveyed allows us to tailor solutions that enhance the efficiency and quality of the conveying process.

At Pat’s Pump & Blower, we sell and repair pneumatic conveying systems throughout Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama, including Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Miami, and Jacksonville, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Charlotte, North Carolina; Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina; Columbus and Atlanta, Georgia; and Huntsville, Alabama.