Reasons Your Municipality Should Invest in a Jet Vac Truck

Whether your municipality is small or large, there are plenty of reasons to consider investing in a jet vac truck. These versatile trucks combine the ability to produce a stream of high-pressured water with the ability to vacuum up debris with a powerful vacuum system. The main benefit your town or city will gain from your jet vac truck is the ability to better maintain city sewer lines.

The high-pressure water allows you to complete sewer jetting on a regular basis. This routine maintenance of the sewer lines will reduce the likelihood that you will have a major clog that could lead to backups and even flooding in some communities. Regular cleaning ensures that your sewer lines will stay cleaner and maintain a superior flow. Even with proper regular maintenance, clogs can happen. When they do, you can use your jet vac truck to remove the clog. The high-pressure water will push the clog through the line to a manhole, where you will be able to use the vacuum system to remove the debris for good and transport it to a proper disposal site. Common debris that can end up in your sewer lines are stones, sand, grease, sludge, roots and even trash, like bottles.

This unique combination of capabilities is most often used to clean and clear city sewer lines, but these trucks can be used in another way as well – hydro-excavation. With proper equipment, you could also use your jet vac truck for tasks like slot trenching, pile holing, debris removal and daylighting. Adding these tasks to the capabilities of your jet vac truck make it an even better investment for your municipality.