JetVac & Vacuum Sales and RepairAt Pat’s Pump & Blower, we recognize that vacuum trucks can complete a variety of different tasks thanks to their powerful siphoning and pumping abilities. However, as a JetVac & vacuum sales and repair provider, we also realize that just like any vehicle, proper maintenance is absolutely critical. When you turn to us for JetVac & vacuum sales and repair, we encourage you to keep in mind that making sure your truck’s valves are always working is essential to the pump’s life expectancy.

The Purpose of Check Valves 

A check valve refers to one of two main pressure valves that exist on a vacuum truck, which include the pressure relief valve and the vacuum relief valve. Together, these valves work together to control the amount of pressure in the vacuum tank, prevent the tank from imploding, and keep the pump working as efficiently as possible.

Where these valves are located depends on the particular truck. On some, these valves are near the pressure/vacuum gauge, while on others, they are very close to the pump itself. 

Maintaining Your Check Valves 

As a provider of JetVac & vacuum sales and repair services, we cannot stress how important it is to test your check valves regularly to ensure they are working properly. Both of these valves can easily become corroded or caked with debris, which can affect the functionality of the spring or pull ring. Ultimately, making sure these two parts are clean and working correctly can prevent unforeseen problems with your vacuum truck.