With more than 10 models to choose from, H.S.I. offers a full range of innovative high-speed turbo blowers to suit many of today’s applications. And, to meet tomorrow’s demands, the H.S.I. research & development team is constantly working on new models.

H.S.I. Turbo Blower Features:

  • turbo blowerLow Maintenance: Outside of routine inlet filter changes, no alignment and no lubrication required. This saves time and money in comparison to lubricated blowers.
  • Power-Saving: 20 to 40 percent more efficient than conventional blowers, offering a return on investment in 2 to 3 years on energy savings alone.
  • Installation: The compact design allows for substantial space savings. No particular foundation support is needed, and access for installation is easy. No large overhead cranes are required.
  • Noise: As per OSHA standards of 85 dBA, all packages are fully enclosed and noise levels do not exceed this number.
  • Integration: With 3 different standard models, a high-speed turbo blower can operate seamlessly with other types.
  • Control: The controls are completely integrated and pre-engineered. They can be upgraded to communicate with various protocols for remote monitoring and operation.
  • Service: The simple modular design allows for replacement parts to be easily accessed and installed.
  • Complete Package: Motor, compressor, pressure relief valve, expansion joint, variable speed motor and control cabinet are all built into one pre-engineered system. The only things to be added are piping and electricity.

If you have problems with a high-speed turbo blower, contact us today at Pat’s Pump & Blower in Orlando, Florida. We’d be happy to help you!