Industrial Blower Sales & RepairThere are multiple types of industrial blowers available on the market, and the type that is best for your company will depend on many factors. The best way to select your new machine is to work with the industrial blower sales & repair professionals on our team. Our industrial blower sales & repair professionals should be able to give you complete information to help, but you will also want to use the following considerations as a guide:

  • Type of Blower- The first consideration should be the type of blower. The main options are positive displacement and centrifugal blowers. You will also find smaller subdivisions, such as rotary lobe, roots, rotary vane blowers, and others.
  • Flow Capacity- Don’t forget to consider the flow capacity of your new blower. Even among industrial options, there is a great deal of variation, so you need to make sure that the model you choose moves enough air for your purposes.
  • Blades of Blower- Those who specialize in industrial blower sales and repair will also point out the difference in types of blades for the machines. If you want to move more air at a lower pressure level, you will need a forward curving blade. If you want better efficiency, opt for a backward inclined blade. You can also consider radial blades or airfoil blades.
  • Additional Features- Our industrial blower sales & repair professionals will also go over additional blower features with you to see which are useful for your particular application. Some blowers will have louvers, dampers, diffusers, or variable motor speeds, and each feature serves a particular function that certain industries will benefit from.