electric motor is one that simply uses electricity as a source of power

While most people think of cars when they hear the term “electric motor,” they might not realize that electric motors are actually all over the place– many are probably even in your own home! An electric motor is one that simply uses electricity as a source of power instead of a fuel source such as gasoline. This means that all sorts of things that you see daily are already using electric motors. Items such as ceiling fans, vacuums, kitchen appliances, and even that electric toothbrush you may have used this morning all have variations of electric motors.  Besides their fuel source, there are other differences between an electric motor and motors of other fuel sources.

Another key difference of the electric motor is that it uses far fewer parts than, say, a gas-powered engine. In fact, in many types of motors, you’ll have about ten percent of the parts that you would when compared to an engine with a gas-powered fuel source. Because there are fewer parts that can break or need maintenance, electric engines tend to have a much longer lifespan. Additionally, when they do need repairs, the source of the problem is much easier to determine and fix.

Customization is another difference that many people enjoy about electric motors. You can make electric motors in nearly any size (Think again about your electric toothbrush with its tiny motor!) and to work with different capacities. Custom electric motors can also be produced and shipped faster than other motors.

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