Check These Pump Truck Parts During Routine Maintenance

You rely on your water pump to keep your pump truck doing its job, but that also requires some routine servicing to ensure that your pump is always working its best. The good news is that there aren’t too many items to troubleshoot for problems during routine maintenance of your pump truck parts, but it is important to be thorough, so you know when you need to replace a component or have your equipment checked by a technician. Here are some of the primary pump truck parts you should check during your routine servicing of this equipment:

  • Valves – The valves are one of the pump truck parts that truly keep everything running efficiently by maintaining water pressure while the water pump is in use.
  • Vanes & Seals – As the vanes spin to create the vacuum on your pump truck, the seals ensure that the proper pressure is maintained. These spinning pump truck parts are an essential feature of what keeps your vacuum working as you pump.
  • Gaskets & Bearings – Found inside your water pump, gaskets & seals should be checked only if your other routine maintenance items aren’t proving to resolve the vacuum problems you are having with your pump truck while it is in operation.

It’s important to keep your pump truck parts in good condition because they can be costly to replace. If you are experiencing consistent problems with your pump, then it may be time to seek professional help. At Pat’s Pump & Blower, we can help you address concerns with your pump truck parts and provide expert servicing to keep your equipment working its best. Call us today to discuss your requirements.