Advantages of Positive Displacement Blowers

As you can guess from our name, we at Pat’s Pump & Blower know a thing or two about blowers, and we can offer expert recommendations on how to best maintain yours, as well as which type of blower is most suited to your needs. In this article, we’ll focus on positive displacement blowers, and go over a few of their advantages to help you decide if they are right for you.

  • More Robust. One advantage of positive displacement blowers relative to, say, centrifugal blowers is that they are generally more robust and less sensitive. Centrifugal blowers need to be kept scrupulously clean at all times or their performance suffers, while the positive displacement variety is less susceptible to dust and particles getting in. In addition, positive displacement blowers tend to be easier to repair, requiring only basic tools and general mechanical competence, while other models need specialized equipment and highly-trained technicians.
  • More Flexible. Another advantage that positive displacement blowers have over their centrifugal counterparts is that they offer greater flexibility. For example, centrifugal blowers can’t tolerate any amount of liquid in the gas stream, while positive displacement models can be configured specifically for liquid injection in order to increase their efficiency and improve their overall performance.
  • Lower Maintenance. Lastly, positive displacement blowers can be sealed with standard gas-tight mechanical seals and do not require seal purge gas. This reduces the overall effort and cost needed to maintain the seals, saving you time and money keeping this key system in good working order.