5 Essential Sewer Tools to Have On Hand

If you are planning a city or municipality sewer inspection soon, there are some essential sewer tools to keep on hand for the project. Not only do you want to make sure you go in prepared, but you also want to know that you have the sewer tools on hand to make the job go smoothly. Here are five essential sewer tools you’ll want your crew to have ready:

  1. Manhole Hook – Opening manholes isn’t always as easy as it looks, and sometimes they are covered with grass, dirt, or concrete. A manhole hook will make opening the sewer entry easier when starting a sewer inspection project.
  2. Sledgehammer – Sometimes, manhole covers get wedged or stuck due to accumulated dirt, corrosion, or asphalt from paving. If a manhole cover is difficult to lift with only a hook, having a sledgehammer available can make it possible to dislodge debris and loosen the cover opening.
  3. Gas Monitor – A gas monitor is potentially lifesaving when it comes to must-have sewer tools. Although workers may be trained to notice gas smells before lifting a manhole cover, using a gas monitor ensures that they aren’t put in danger when preparing to do a sewer inspection.
  4. Lowering Rope – If crewmembers expect to use camera equipment to conduct a sewer inspection, a high-quality lowering rope is a must for their tool bag. This allows for the security of the camera equipment as it is dropped into the sewer and makes navigation easier. It’s essential to replace lowering rope regularly as part of a sewer tools kit.
  5. Downhole Roller – Protecting any tools that go down the sewer pipes is important, but it’s also vital to protect the lines themselves. A downhole roller achieves both of these things and will help keep equipment and sewer pipes protected during inspections.

At Pat’s Pump & Blower, we can help you put together a tool kit that’s just right for sewer inspections. Contact us today to learn more.