Why are Trailer Jetter Machines so Popular?

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Trailer jetter machines have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. These versatile and efficient machines have proven invaluable for many industries, including plumbing, municipal services, and industrial cleaning.

Why are Trailer Jetter Machines so Popular?

Here are some of the advantages of trailer jetter machines compared to other types:

  • Mobility and Ease of Use. One of the most significant advantages of trailer jetter machines is their mobility. Unlike truck-mounted jetters or skid-mounted units, trailer jetters can be easily hitched to a standard pickup truck, allowing operators to quickly transport them to jobsites. This flexibility is essential for service providers who need to travel between multiple locations or work in remote areas.
  • Cost-Effectiveness. Trailer jetter machines are more affordable than truck-mounted units, making them an attractive option for smaller businesses or those with budget constraints. The lower initial investment cost could get you a quicker return on your investment.
  • Versatility. Trailer jetter machines are highly versatile and can be used for various applications, including sewer cleaning, drain maintenance, and industrial pipe cleaning. In addition, trailer jetters can be easily customized with various attachments and accessories, such as nozzles, hose reels, and root cutters, to tackle a wide range of tasks.
  • Reduced Maintenance and Operational Costs. Trailer jetter machines often have lower maintenance and operational costs than truck-mounted jetters. Since the jetter is not directly connected to the truck’s engine, there is less wear and tear on the vehicle itself. Furthermore, trailer jetters are designed to be user-friendly and easy to maintain, with accessible components and simplified servicing procedures.
  • Expandable Capabilities. Trailer jetter machines can be easily upgraded or expanded to meet the changing needs of a growing business. For example, operators can add additional water tanks, upgrade to a higher-pressure pump, or install a larger hose reel to accommodate longer hoses. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt to new challenges and opportunities without investing in an entirely new machine.

If you are considering investing in a jetter machine for your business, a trailer jetter may be the perfect solution to meet your needs and enhance your service offerings. Contact us today to learn more.