What You Should Know About Golf Course Pumps

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Although a pump is probably one of the last things that comes to mind when you think of a golf course, it plays an essential role in keeping the course in great condition. After all, golf courses need massive amounts of water to keep the grass healthy and, sometimes, to maintain ponds on the property.

What You Should Know About Golf Course Pumps

So, if you have a golf course, here’s what you need to know about golf course pumps to maintain your course properly:

  • Choose the Right One- Every golf course is different and has different irrigation needs. As a result, there are many different types and sizes of golf course pumps to meet the requirements of each individual course. To ensure the best results, you need to be sure you choose the right pump. It’s important to account for the volume and pressure required to water certain areas.
  • Keep an Eye Out for Problems- Broken golf course pumps won’t fix themselves, and the longer they stay broken, the greater the impact on your golf course. If you notice anything strange, call for repairs sooner rather than later.
  • Maintain Regularly- The best way to avoid the need for repairs is to maintain golf course pumps on a regular basis. Scheduling maintenance once or twice a year is something to consider, ideally in the off season. This will allow you to keep the pumps’ components clean and inspect them for problems before they can get worse.

To learn more about golf course pumps or to schedule golf course pump repair, contact our team at Pat’s Pump & Blower.