Our Top Tips for Turbo Blower Maintenance

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Your turbo blower is responsible for the proper operation of different processes and pneumatic conveying systems at your plant. In many cases, this essential piece of equipment is forgotten about until a problem occurs, requiring significant time and effort to restore its operation. Instead of waiting for a failure to occur, here are our top tips for properly maintaining your turbo blower:

Your turbo blower is responsible for the proper operation

  • Check the oil levels—Running your turbo blower when it’s low on oil is a recipe for imminent gear failure. Make sure you check the oil levels in your blower regularly to prevent the rotor lobes from clashing, the end clearances from changing, and other issues.
  • Change the lubricant—If the lubricant within your turbo blower is dirty, bearings and gears will start to get damaged.
  • Monitor the inlet filter—A starved inlet occurs when the airflow entering the blower becomes so restricted that there is not enough air supply to properly cool the blower. If this continues, the paint on the blower will bubble or char, the non-gear end plate will wear out, or the blower will seize, resulting in failure.
  • Prevent over-pressure—You can prevent over-pressure by installing a pressure relief valve, regularly checking the relief valve settings to ensure proper operation, and installing a discharge pressure switch at the point of blower discharge.

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