Without Street Sweeper Repair, Your City is Missing Out on these Benefits

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Street sweeping delivers a variety of different benefits most people don’t even consider. Although one of the main purposes of street sweeping is to improve aesthetics, the other benefits are harder to notice until your truck needs street sweeper repair and sweeping is delayed. These benefits include the following:

  • Public safety. Street gutters tend to accumulate significant amounts of debris. When this debris is removed by a street sweeper, it gets rid of hazards that could cause skids and collisions. It also eliminates large items that may gather at the side of the road, which cyclists and pedestrians might try to avoid by entering into the path of vehicles.
  • Environmental. Discarded trash, hazardous waste products, and metal particles are also removed by street sweepers. If these particles are not removed from the roads, they may become harmful to wildlife if they are able to reach creeks, rivers, and beaches.
  • Storm water runoff management. Debris that collets in roadway gutters can clog storm drains and other runoff pathways. Street sweeping keeps these areas clear, so water can drain quickly. This also prevents erosion caused by water building up on roadways.
  • Vehicle preservation. Without regular street sweeping, items left sitting in the road have the potential to cause physical damage to vehicles. For example, large pieces of rock can get into a vehicle’s tires and cause expensive problems.

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