Stay Safe When Using an Industrial Blower

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Many workplace injuries have occurred because a worker improperly used an industrial blower. Although it may be amusing to direct a blast of air at another person, this action has the potential to cause a severe injury. To prevent injuries and accidents in the workplace, it is extremely important that your employees understand how to use compressed air safely.

Safe Industrial Blowers

Safety Hazards

When an industrial blower is used for cleaning purposes, chips, shavings, particles of metal, and other small items are thrown up into the air. The pressure needed to clean the area may result in a force strong enough to propel these small items into the skin, ears, mouths, and eyes of people in the surrounding area. Additionally, if compressed air enters any cavity of the body, it can cause the area to swell. If the air is able to get into the bloodstream and into the blood vessels that lead to the brain, the vessels may burst and cause internal injuries.

Safety Tips

To ensure safety at your workplace, you should require your employees to abide by the following requirements when using an industrial blower:

  • Never point the blower at another person
  • Wear proper safety equipment
  • Make sure you know how to use the industrial blower correctly before starting a project
  • Always use the industrial blower for its intended purpose

Although industrial blowers can pose certain safety hazards to others when used inappropriately, following these safety requirements can help you create a safer work environment for you and your employees.