Signs it's Time for Industrial Blower Service

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Whatever role your industrial blower plays in your daily operations, chances are it is a key piece of equipment for keeping your production flowing smoothly. Industrial blowers are often used for critical jobs like powering conveyors, cooling in various parts of a facility or exhausting heat and other things from your workspace. Because industrial blowers are often used around the clock or for long periods of time, they are subject to a lot of wear and tear that can reduce their efficiency and increase the likelihood of needing repairs and service failures.

Signs it's Time for Industrial Blower Service

Frequent blower service and maintenance are important to prevent unexpected, costly repairs and interruptions to your operations while you wait for repairs to occur. Blower service can also help extend the life of your blowers because it improves efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing wear and tear from friction, a lack of lubrication and other problems.

One of the reasons that blower service is so important is that most industrial blowers have many different parts, including blades, ports, flanges, variable speed motors, diffusers, dampers and louvres. There are four main problems that require blower service to protect the longevity of your blower:

  • Dangerous heat: All blowers heat up while they are operating, but if your blower is too hot to touch, it is probably time to call for blower service. A buildup of excess heat can be caused by many problems, including old air filters or clogged air inlets.
  • Restricted airflow: Airflow is key to keeping the blower cooler and working.
  • Too much vibration: If your blower is noisier than it used to be, this may be the problem.
  • Lack of lubrication: All those moving parts create friction and that is dissipated by lubrication, so a lack of lubrication can lead to breakdowns and excess heat.