OMSI Power Takeoffs Provide Maximum Reliability and Efficiency

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OMSI power takeoffsThe line of OMSI power takeoffs includes a variety of basic models that cover the full range of power drive needs. Engine driven and split shaft PTOs (power takeoffs) eliminate the necessity to install an auxiliary engine drive. Also, they are used where traditional transmission PTOs are not able to provide the required power.

A split shaft power takeoff is positioned in the truck’s chassis between the differential and transmission. By choosing the most appropriate driving range, maximum engine horsepower is achieved. OMSI power takeoffs can be operated with the vehicle in stationary mode or, if required, in motion. The units are made for truck power trains from 67 – 500 hp (50 – 370 kW). An engine-driven PTO is independent of the clutch, allowing maximum power transfer, even if the vehicle is moving.

Engineered with a wide range of safety margins and combined with precision machine components, shaft materials, and the highest grade of gears, OMSI power takeoffs provide maximum reliability and efficiency.

About OMSI in the USA

In 1999, OMSI Transmissions was established to provide a more direct and accessible service to new and existing customers in the U.S., Latin America and Canada. Many industries are served, and the goal is to provide high-quality products tailored for specific needs, along with product inventories to satisfy fluctuating production schedules.

If you have problems with OMSI power takeoffs, it’s vital that you have knowledgeable repair technicians to help. Contact us today at Pat’s Pump & Blower in Orlando, Florida for more information!