What Methods Does a Storm Cleaner Use on a Storm Drain?

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Storm CleanerStorm drains are incredibly useful for ensuring that water correctly flows off the street and grass, particularly during heavy rainstorms. The issue is that water will bring dirt, debris, leaves, twigs, and even garbage with it, leaving you with a dirty storm drain. Once the drain becomes dirty, it won’t work as effectively as the pipes or the opening will be blocked. You can take care of some of this cleaning by yourself, but will need a storm cleaner to do a thorough job.

What Storm Cleaners Do

Every once in a while, you should have a storm cleaner from our team here at Pat’s Pump & Blower take the time to check for clogs in your storm drain and remove them. This ensures your home and property stays dry in any upcoming storm by removing clogs and debris. It can also get rid of the standing water, reducing foul odors. We will come with a specially designed heavy-duty vacuum that can easily remove the dirt.

What to Do Yourself

While you want to occasionally hire a storm cleaner from our team to take care of your storm drains, you can also reduce the need for this. By occasionally cleaning the area around the storm drain, you will minimize the debris that falls in and, therefore, the clogs. Regular cleaning on your own can be as simple as putting on some rubber gloves, opening the drain, and grabbing any debris, leaves, or other items you see. Just be careful during the process so you don’t drop anything in the drain.