Your Jet Vac Truck and What it’s Capable Of

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Your jet vac truck is an incredible piece of equipment, and it can do so much for your operations. If you’re currently on the market for a jet vac truck, but you want to know what a new truck can do, here are some of the basic capabilities these trucks possess:

Jet Vac Truck

  • Suctioning materials—Generally speaking, jet vac trucks are engineered to remove wet and dry industrial waste. Depending on the truck, this suctioning/vacuuming is conducted at either a low or high-velocity range. Vacuum trucks can also remove solid or liquid materials from congested drainage systems, septic tanks, and sewers.
  • Transporting materials—Many organizations encourage using jet vac trucks to transport bio-solids to prevent spills and control odors. This reduces exposure to hazardous materials and promotes a healthier environment.
  • Waste disposal—In many cases, certain types of waste can threaten the health of the environment and anyone exposed to it. For this reason, vacuum trucks are often deployed to dispose of waste material to reduce environmental impact.

Whether you have questions about purchasing a new jet vac truck or you want to know what the one you own can do, we’re happy to help. We are known throughout the world as pump and blower repair specialists, so we can give you advice, fix your current jet vac truck, or perform maintenance on it.

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