How to Tell If You Need Centrifugal Blower Repair

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We at Pat’s Pump & Blower have extensive experience in working on pumps and blowers of all kinds. Whenever you need blower repair services, you can turn to our experts to get the effective solutions you are looking for. One of the most common types of blowers is centrifugal blowers, which are used in a variety of systems, including wastewater systems. In this article, we’ll go over a few ways to tell if you need centrifugal blower repair for your wastewater system or anything else.

How to Tell If You Need Centrifugal Blower Repair

  • Overheating – One of the most common signs of a problem in any mechanism, including centrifugal blowers, is overheating. Machines can’t work properly when they get too hot, so if any part of your system is getting overheated, you should call a repair technician as soon as possible. If the motor for the blower in your wastewater system is too hot, call our team to schedule centrifugal blower repair services right away.
  • Slow Blades – A centrifugal blower uses fan impellers to move the air around. These impellers  need to turn at a certain rate in order to do their job effectively, so if the impellers in your blower seem to be slowing down, you should contact our team about centrifugal blower repair. We will examine your system and make the necessary adjustments to get the impellers turning at the right speed.
  • Weird Noises – Lastly, you probably need centrifugal blower repair services if your blower is making unusual sounds. If you start to hear the sound of metal scraping against metal while your wastewater system runs, it most likely means the blower impellers are misaligned. A high-pitched squealing sound also indicates there’s a problem with the blower, so in either case you should call us as soon as possible.