Frequent Problems in Three Stage Compressors

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Three stage compressors are used in many different commercial and industrial settings. Ignoring problems with your three stage compressors can lead to major repairs (which can be very costly) and can even shorten the lifespan of your compressors. Either way, it makes sense financially to keep your three stage compressors in top shape with regular maintenance and repairs as needed.

Frequent Problems in Three Stage Compressors

Keeping your eyes and ears on alert for problems with your three stage compressors helps ensure that you will notice any potential problems sooner, often leading to cheaper repairs and a longer life for your equipment. Here are some of the most common problems seen in three stage compressors:

  • Air leaks: Since air compressors move air rapidly using air pressure differences, a small leak can cause a major issue very quickly. Some air compressors start constantly leaking a small amount of air. Whatever the problem, you must pinpoint the source of the leak to be able to figure out how to fix it.
  • Electrical problems: Electrical issues can develop in the motor of your air compressor and in the form of power problems. Some compressors start blowing fuses regularly. This can be a sign that the motor is too old and needs to be replaced. It can also be the result of an extension cord reducing the power.
  • Oil in the air lines: Oil is important to lubricate certain parts of your air compressor, but you don’t want it in the air lines.
  • Trouble with starting and stopping: If your air compressor won’t start, you may not have enough pressure in the tank to use it. If it won’t stop, the pressure switch may be bad, or you may have a faulty pressure release valve.

Generally, three stage compressors are best worked on by professionals with experience and knowledge about their many parts and potential problems.