Extend the Life of the Brushes on Your Sweeper Truck with these Tips

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Street sweepers prevent a variety of different health hazards by maintaining clean streets. Because of this, your sweeper truck is likely an important part of your fleet. To keep a cap on costs while also delivering quality services, here are a few tips that can extend the life of the brushes on your sweeper truck.

  • Sweeper TruckMake sure all broom linkages are in good condition. Just like keeping your vehicle’s tires properly inflated can improve your gas mileage, keeping the linkages on your sweeper truck in good condition can reduce the amount of wear on the brushes. Regularly check your truck’s linkages for deterioration.
  •  Refrain from using excessive down pressure. The most common cause of worn-out brushes is applying more down pressure than necessary. The extra friction created makes too much direct contact with the street and can cause the filaments to wear down more quickly than they should.
  • Use the right angle setting. The brooms may need excessive contact pressure to work right if the outward or forward tilt angle is not adjusted correctly. Adjust the brooms to the right angle to prolong their lifespan.
  • Know how to use the sweeper correctly. Problems like excessive down pressure and broom tilt can be prevented if you know how to use the sweeper truck correctly. Establishing good habits from the beginning can ensure the brushes last for as long as possible.

If you ever run into a problem with your sweeper truck or want to know more about how to properly maintain it, give us a call at Pat’s Pump & Blower.