Why You Can Expect Quality and Sustainability from Your Johnston Street Sweeper

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Johnston Street SweeperAt Pat’s Pump & Blower, we service all brands of street sweepers. However, there’s only one that we sell – the Johnston Street Sweeper. We carry this brand of sweeper because these sweepers promote sustainability and will always deliver quality performance.


To understand more about why the Johnston Street Sweeper is one of the best available, it’s important that you’re familiar with this brand’s history. In 1904, J.M. Johnston and his two brothers started their business. In 1908, they began experimenting with a tar-spreading machine to overcome the dust problem on the roads in London. After developing and manufacturing the Three Wheel Boiler machine, the Johnston Brothers were able to establish themselves as a leading name in road surface treatment.

In 1937, the brothers produced the first mechanical road surface cleaner. Although it was very basic in comparison to the advanced technology the Johnston Street Sweeper uses today, it set the standard for quality that all of the company’s additional sweepers now promote.

Quality and Sustainability

During the street sweeper development process, Johnston Sweepers adheres to a strict sustainability policy. For example, the Johnston Street Sweeper is designed to carry a maximum load while using an efficient amount of fuel and water, without compromising performance.

To ensure quality, Johnston Sweepers invests a significant amount annually towards improving the design and engineering of their products. This allows them to maintain a benchmark of excellence within their industry. To find out more about the Johnston Street Sweeper and its benefits, contact us at Pat’s Pump & Blower today.