Dresser Roots Blower – A Truly Smart Machine!

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Roots BlowerThe Roots brothers were ‘blown away’ by a chance discovery that powered their company’s momentum into the world of pressure blower production. Now, more than 150 years later, Roots technology has become standard in the industry, with its rotary positive displacement blowers continuing to make machines smarter than ever before.

It is the characteristics of this technology that allows anyone associated with it to draw on a wealth of intelligence. The idea of making savvy use of a Dresser Roots blower has swung from being seemingly ludicrous to incredibly ingenious, and it is the Roots diversity that perhaps presents the company at is broadest range of success.

With the present focus on the treatment of wastewater, Dresser Roots blower technology is poised to revolutionize industries ranging from plastics and agriculture to pneumatic conveying, pulp and paper, and chemical processing. Other applications have also helped place the company high on additional technological maps.

As Dresser Roots strives to increase its presence across the world, the company will no doubt find more areas in which its cutting-edge pressure blower technology can be applied. Who can tell what new invention will depend on the use of a Roots machine? Maybe even a futuristic space vehicle? One thing is for sure – for the benefit of inventors everywhere, Roots has a system that can respond to the most complex, and the simplest, of needs.

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