The Design of Aplex Pumps Is Focused On User-Friendliness

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Aplex Pump RepairSince 1880, Myers-Aplex has been manufacturing pumps and is recognized globally for innovation, service and quality. The industrial pump division knows that success in the international environment today depends on a lot more than just brick and mortar. With this in mind, the focus of Myers-Aplex pumps is on individual industries and their needs.

A new line has broadened the range of pump offerings, allowing Myers-Aplex to provide a more comprehensive array of heavy-duty and medium reciprocating pumps to suit virtually any application. The company is strongly positioned to encourage industries to challenge it with special-purpose commercial and industrial pump applications. A combination of new products for niche markets and superior manufacturing processes create a powerful culture for future growth.

From top to bottom, the philosophy is one of creativity, flexibility and responsiveness to clients’ needs. Thus, service and replacement parts are readily available to technicians and dealers worldwide.

Myers-Aplex pumps have a myriad of features that set them apart from competitors. These are centered on user-friendly design and ease of maintenance. On each application, a wide range of optional configurations is used to customize individual needs and to provide pumps for long-term reliable performance. All pumps are available with a range of options, including base mountings, integral hydraulic drives, and a large choice of auxiliary equipment for unique installations.

Keep in mind, however, that even the best equipment can give you trouble, so when problems with Myers-Aplex pumps do occur, it’s vital that you have knowledgeable repair technicians to help. That’s what we specialize in! Contact us today at Pat’s Pump & Blower in Orlando, Florida.