Why Your Community Needs Routine Street Sweeper Services

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Maximizing Community Resources: The Benefits of Street Sweeper Maintenance

If you ask most people why they expect a street sweeper to be used in their neighborhood, they’ll usually focus on the appearance. Seeing road clutter isn’t high on anyone’s list! However, there are actually several reasons why you want to have a quality street sweeper for your community and keep it well maintained.

A quality street sweeper is a huge investment
Enhancing Community Safety and Longevity: Importance of Quality Street Sweeper Maintenance

  • Keep Storm Drains Clear. Street sweepers keep the debris from flowing off the roads and into the drains during a rainstorm. This prevents flooding problems that can prove much costlier.
  • Protect Your Investment. A quality street sweeper is a huge investment, so you want to get as many years of service from it as possible. Think of it like buying a new car and setting up regular oil changes to keep it from failing prematurely.
  • Avoid Downtime. Having your street sweeper maintained avoids having it breakdown when you need it the most. Schedule maintenance and repairs around your sweeping schedules and you will avoid downtime.
  • Avoid Crashes and Injuries. Debris in the road usually doesn’t affect cars, other than a flat tire on occasion, but it can cause a crash or injury for bicycles, motorcycles, and pedestrians. Keep your neighborhood safe with regular street sweeping to clear your roads of dirt, rocks, sticks, and other debris that can cause problems.

If you are having problems with the street sweeper you use in your Orlando, Florida community, give us a call at Pat’s Pump & Blower. Our street sweeper truck repair services are available with free on-site inspections. Since 1985, we have proudly helped our community through the sales, service and repair of pumps, blowers, electric and mobile vacuum equipment. Call today to learn more or schedule an appointment.