Three Common Waste Water Blower Repairs

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For wastewater treatment to be effective, blowers must be used to aerate wastewater to break it down further. If your blowers aren’t working correctly, it can lead to malfunctions in other areas of the wastewater treatment process. There are some common waste water blower repairs that you can be aware of and take action against to avoid a lapse in proper aeration:

Three Common Waste Water Blower Repairs

  1. Decreased Efficiency – If you’ve noticed that the aeration process isn’t going as well as it should, this could result from sludge building up on the aeration equipment. Ultimately, this impedes oxygen flow, so aeration is less efficient and effective.
  2. Backpressure Increase – If sludge is causing aeration problems, it can also create increased backpressure because the diffusers cannot handle the required load. This can affect aeration and decrease the lifespan of the blower overall.
  3. Wear and Tear – Missing out on routine maintenance checks will cause the different parts of the aeration system to wear out quickly, leading to the need for waste water blower repairs. This is not only more costly due to equipment malfunctions, but it also leads to employees working overtime to try to address ongoing issues.

The best way to avoid common waste water blower repairs is to create a maintenance checklist and schedule. The other good thing to do is adjust your maintenance as needed, depending on the volume of wastewater treated at your facility.

Of course, you can always call on us at Pat’s Pump & Blower to help with your waste water blower repairs at any time. Call today for assistance!