Common Signs You Need a Storm Cleaner

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Storm drains are very important for a lot of reasons. To start, they prevent flooding of the roads by allowing water to flow into natural waterways like streams, rivers, and lakes. That means driving where you need to go is safer and less of a challenge. Then there’s the fact that storm drains eliminate standing water, which could provide a breeding place for mosquitos and attract other pests. In extreme cases, storm drain failures can even lead to sinkholes.

Common Signs You Need a Storm Cleaner

So, if a storm drain on your property doesn’t seem to be draining properly, you know you need to call an expert who can bring a storm cleaner. Here are some common signs that indicate you need a storm cleaner:

  • You Smell Foul Odors- If your storm drain is emitting a terrible smell, a lot of things may be causing it. It could be that animal feces, rotting materials, grease, motor oil, or other substances have found their way inside the drain. But whatever questionable odors you’re dealing with, a storm cleaner may be able to help.
  • The Ground Is Flooded- Storm drains are designed to eliminate standing water even if the surrounding area has dips in elevation. If you notice flooding on the road or in your parking lot, there’s a chance your storm drain may be blocked with debris.
  • It’s Been a While Since the Last Cleaning- Ideally, storm drains should be cleaned annually or after a storm to ensure everything is in good working order.

If you need a storm cleaner, contact us today at Pat’s Pump & Blower.