A Checklist for Golf Course Pump Repair

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If you own and operate a golf course, you know that keeping your pump house in order is one of the most important things you can do. The pump house supports your irrigation system and keeps other water features working correctly so that anyone on the course reaps the benefits and challenges of such. Dealing with golf course pump repair can be a nightmare if routine maintenance isn’t at the forefront of your to-do list, but having a checklist handy can make maintenance a little easier.

A Checklist for Golf Course Pump Repair

Weekly Checks

•  Do a check for power and performance, as well as a physical inspection of the equipment itself.

•  Take a look at electrical systems to ensure they are in good condition.

•  Compare data and take note of any changes over a set period.

Annual Maintenance Checks

•  Golf course pump repair can be avoided with a minimum of two annual maintenance checks.

•  Make sure to change valves and filters routinely, especially at specific times of the year, depending on your golf course location.

•  Double-check that safety equipment is available and in good condition.

Schedule Professional Servicing

One critical step that will help prevent golf course pump repair is scheduling routine maintenance with a professional technician. This preventative maintenance could include:

•  Cleaning filters

•  Changing oil

•  Checking for electrical wiring issues

•  Checking pump capacity and flow

•  Replacing packings as needed

•  Checking valves and replacing as needed

•  Recording amp readings

•  Checking pump motor vibrations

•  Checking and adjusting programming as needed

If you have questions about golf course pump repair or need maintenance tips, give us a call at Pat’s Pump & Blower. Our experienced technicians are ready to assist you!