Advice from Our Machine Shop: What You Need to Know About Electric Motor Repair

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Machine ShopAt Pat’s Pump & Blower, our machine shop repairs many different types of electric motors that are found in industrial equipment. If you think the motor in one of your pieces of equipment is about to quit, or it already won’t start up, here are some questions our machine shop wants to answer for you about the repair process.

What are the Signs of a Possible Motor Failure?

There are many different signs that indicate an electric motor could be about to fail. For example, one of the most common signs is when the motor starts to excessively vibrate while in use. Some of the other signs of trouble include burning smells or strange noises that occur during operation, burnt paint, and dirty housing openings.

What Causes Electrical Motor Failure?

Poor operating conditions, such as ones that involve excessive heat or excessive moisture, can cause an electric motor to fail. However, dirt and debris buildup, misalignment problems, and electrical overload can all lead to an electrical motor failing, as well.

When Should Replacement be Considered Over Repair?

Our machine shop recognizes that the benefits of fixing an electrical motor generally outweigh the benefits that come from buying a brand new one. Additionally, the repair process usually takes much less time to complete than the process of locating, purchasing, and having a new motor delivered to you.

When our team repairs an electric motor, we first diagnose the issue. Then, after understanding the problem, we replace all necessary parts to restore functionality to the motor. Contact us at Pat’s Pump & Blower today for more information.