4 Valuable Tips for Buying a New Septic Pump Truck

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You’re ready to buy a new septic pump truck for your operations and you want to make sure you make a good investment. As you look at new or used septic pump trucks to purchase, here are a few guidelines you should follow:

Septic Pump Truck

1.  Get a good warranty – Your septic pump truck’s warranty will vary depending on the manufacturer, and if you’re buying a used truck, this warranty will vary depending on the truck’s current age and condition. Make sure you finalize the warranty details before you approve your purchase, and be aware that some sellers offer separate warranties for the vacuum and chassis module.

2.  Get your paperwork in order – When you purchase a septic pump truck, be sure to obtain a copy of the title and release of liens. If the seller is unable to provide a clear title, you might want to look other places for a pump truck.

3.  Analyze your investment – With most purchases, you get what you pay for. Purchasing a septic pump truck is no different, so be prepared to invest a good amount in your pump truck if you want it to last and perform properly on a daily basis.

4.  Be wary of highly customized trucks – While customization ensures your truck performs well for your specific operations, too much customization can harm you when you need to repair your truck. When a truck is overly customized, it can be tough to find parts to fix it when the time comes.