4 Signs You Need Street Sweeper Repair

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Just like any other type of machinery, street sweepers require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to function optimally. At Pat’s Pump & Blower, we are your source for high-quality street sweeper repair services.

4 Signs You Need Street Sweeper Repair

If you aren’t sure whether you should contact us for street sweeper repair services, here are some signs you should do so:

  1. Decreased performance — If you notice your street sweeper experiencing a decrease in its effectiveness, this could be a sign of mechanical issues. You may notice that your street sewer has a reduced sweeping width, decreased suction power, or uneven cleaning.
  2. Strange noises — Unusual sounds, such as grinding, squealing, banging, or rattling, could indicate a problem with your street sweeper. Worn-out bearings, damaged brushes, or other malfunctioning components may cause these noises.
  3. Leaks — Fluid leaks, such as hydraulic fluid, coolant, or oil, are indications that there is a problem with your street sweeper’s hydraulic system. Address these leaks promptly to prevent issues with other parts of your equipment.
  4. Vibration or shaking — Excessive vibration or shaking during operation may signal issues with your street sweeper’s engine, hydraulic system, or rotating components. This could result from misaligned parts, worn-out bearings, or imbalanced brushes. When you need street sweeper repair, we are happy to help.

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