4 Signs You Should Call Us for Centrifugal Blower Repair

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Every day, you rely on your centrifugal blower to help you carry out multiple operations at your plant. Knowing the signs that you need centrifugal blower repair early on can mean the difference between a simple repair and productivity loss caused by a complete failure. Here are some of the most common signs you need to call us for centrifugal blower repair:

call us for centrifugal blower repair

1.  Pump leakage—Any type of leaking from your centrifugal blower system can indicate there’s a problem. Usually, this means you need to replace the carbon ring or the gasket.

2.  Strange noises—Just like with any type of equipment, unusual or excessive noises can mean there’s a problem. With centrifugal blowers, odd noises usually mean there’s a foreign object inside the blower or a bearing failure has occurred.

3.  Overheating—If your centrifugal blower is overheating, it is highly likely it is seeing back pressure. We usually find that clogged diffusers are a result of restricted air flowing into or out of the device.

4.  Reduced flow—Has the flow within your blower become significantly reduced? Your blower may be struggling with flow reduction, which can occur due to an open bypass valve, leaking gasket, damaged impeller, or clogged filter inlet.